I want to open a business! Where should I start?

The first rock thrower who was never thinking about opening his own company. Aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities to invest in the market. However, many finally throw the towel before you take the first step. Do I have to ask, “Where do I start, I want to open a firm? And then the answer is coming. Ready?

The truth is, the opening of an enterprise goes much further than the initial capital. By the way, it is important to determine the initial cost of starting a company in relation to first expenses at present. The chance of failure is considerably greater if you are unprepared and down to earth.

Along with all-natural difficulties and uncertainty at any time, the absence of knowledge and of ideas are the first obstacle and the dream of financial independence is abandoned for beginners. The rule is simple: success is not a recipe for cake, but it is necessary to know several steps before starting a business. So let’s go? Let’s go, therefore?

1. Mature idea before opening a business

Start by doing what you want, if you want to change. Without a passion for their activity, nobody goes ahead. Choose a business line with you, so it will be much easier to mature the idea and implement it. And you may ask yourself: Does my business idea have to be a successful pioneer? The answer is simple: it doesn’t need to.

Many successful projects have already started out from existing ideas and many firms have already collapsed from leading ideas. But how can a promising business idea be identified? The identification of good business ideas can be an easy task for those who already have experience and good market views, but it is first of all a huge challenge that has to be faced with great care.

The first step in the right direction A lot of research and little, if any, investment are required to become a business. We will have a well-exploration analysis at this point, such as market research and laboratory tests (if the product was revolutionary).

You should ask your business idea a few questions:

What is the market?
Who is your target audience?
Why do people need your product or your service?
What difference can you make to attract attention in the face of competition?
Who are the prospective competitors and what should you do?
What are the market risks (technological and regulatory implementation)?
Is your idea viable in the short, medium, and long term?
Is your idea scalable, i.e. they are easily editable and has high growth potential in?
Will your idea have value compared to other products and services on the market or will it only last as long as it is new?
Will you accomplish yourself when your idea is implemented?
At this first stage in the development of the idea the big mistake is when businessmen close up and fear that somebody will stolen the idea. But this is a major error, because it is possible to collect basic information to mature and develop better by sharing the idea with someone.

Find experienced individuals in the field you plan to act, they can provide extremely important information and information, which will help you start on the road – that is, you can learn to resolve third-party problems in order not to commit yourself to them.

You should know important things before you start a business

2. Preparation of an action plan

Without developing a business model, you should never open a business. Perhaps this is the most important step in becoming an entrepreneur for anyone. Set the objectives, open capital, analyze the market, compete and analyze everything that the company is going to offer are essential to the success of the concept and its work.

After the idea has matured, it is time to put everything on paper that was defined. A business plan is a time when the entrepreneur can determine whether or not his idea can become a business.

Depending on the vision of the entrepreneur, the way the idea is put on the market may lead to success or a failure of the work. Given an increasingly unstable economy and scarcer resources, knowing how to manage them prevents slips for market enthusiasts. The ability to put the idea on paper is a very important step towards making beginners’ businesses more secure and strong.

3. Leaving the original idea

I want to open one in business where to start

Although it sounds a bit strange, if the entrepreneur gets over-attached and has not the flexibility to suggest changes, change or even reinvent them due to fluctuations in the market the initial idea can result in success or failure.

Remember that:

The focus on having a business idea should be on the opportunity, and not on the idea itself.
It is essential to be open to innovations and take advantage of new market opportunities. Every entrepreneur seeks to make a profit, but it is possible only if what is offered interests the target audience. So keep up with trends change, if necessary. There are many opportunities available, you just need to be attentive to accommodate them.

4. Market research and competition

You can create a perfect business plan, but if not check the validity of your business idea as an opportunity and failed to get approval from the market, it is bound to fail, or rather, won’t take long to tell a story. Many entrepreneurs, when entering the world of entrepreneurship end up on the opposite path of idealism. They create a product and/or service and then meet people’s needs. The right thing is to unveil and understand your business sector so you can develop the idea accordingly.

The advice that can be of great value is that you have good networks. Having connections is essential to search for markets and competition; plus, a good relationship makes it possible to find potential partners who can adopt your idea and push the organization forward. Still the good old in the mouth used by many entrepreneurs, both for new opportunities or even to promote a product or service through a network of contacts. Having a good reputation is still a major factor for anyone who wants to survive and establish in the market.

5. Product/service identification

Shooting everywhere is not something that will bring more customers and much less success to your business, quite the contrary, a lack of focus can hinder the creation of the idea, and therefore the implementation of the enterprise. It is necessary to track each step individually because it is not possible to “embrace the world at once.” Each product/service has its own market and target audience.

Knowing the difficulties in one sector is already difficult, imagine several. For this reason, identify the idea that you want to develop in the business plan and work hard on it, make every effort to improve it, and how your audience will react to what will be provided. Bet all your chips on what you want and work out the idea from start to finish. Don’t fall into the pitfalls of wanting to do everything at the same time it doesn’t work.

More important tips for starting a business

Bureaucracy remains an obstacle faced by the new Brazilian businessman who wants to own his business. Since it involves a series of steps and documents, starting a company can mean a headache if this moment is not planned correctly. How about going through this important and crucial step without having to worry and stress? Conube prepared a special material for you. Check out, then, five tips for starting a company without a headache.

→ Find out what are the conditions for starting a business
To avoid headaches, it is necessary to know all the conditions for starting a business, such as the need to choose the right tax system or the necessary steps. You also need to know how the process works specifically in your city, because this may vary for each municipality.

To help you in this process, try to know all the steps and write them down chronologically, such as registering in the civil registry followed by drafting the social contract. From there, you must go to the commercial register, after that, take CNPJ, register with Social Security. The last step is to obtain permits, if necessary, operating licenses from the city hall. However, it will be easier to open your company.

→ Previously separate documents
Instead of waiting for each step of the process to arrive to provide documents, it is ideal to separate all the documents that you can provide in advance. This means that you should already consider personal documents and draft a social contract, for example. It is also important to be already under notice of the need for membership documents, if possible.
How about going through this important and crucial step without having to worry and stress? Conube prepared a special material for you. Check out, then, five tips for starting a company without a headache.

This position is important to avoid headaches with bureaucracy and possible problems with documents. By doing this in advance, you can identify any problems that need to be solved before starting the procedure for opening the company.

→ Make sure that the brand can be registered
Many new entrepreneurs forget about an important procedure when opening a company: registration of a trademark . Therefore, before making plans on behalf of your company, it is very important to conduct research at the board of trade as well as at the National Institute of industrial property (INPI).

This prevents someone in the future from claiming the name of your company and causes you to experience loss situations. In addition, performing this pre-search also prevents the opening from taking longer to wait for the definition of a new name to register.

→ Plan opening costs
Opening a company involves some costs, such as issuing declarations, documents and registering the brand itself. Therefore, instead of not being ready to open your business, it is important that you raise and plan costs so that your company can be organized. By doing so you can avoid the headache of not being willing to pay a fee. Such a detail can delay and even hinder the entire opening.

→ Hire accounting professionals
As far as you are preparing for the company’s opening, it is very likely that you will come across a very bureaucratic and complex environment. The more you try to face this environment in a single way, the more headaches. Not to mention that your company will have to hire the service of accounting. The most recommended is that you employ a professional accounting, highly qualified, who can help you open your company.

If starting a company is a task that requires a series of steps that must be performed correctly. If you do not have prior knowledge of planning, it will be much more difficult. Therefore, the tips for starting a company without a headache include knowing the steps, planning, and hiring accounting professionals who will be responsible for helping you in the whole process.

Find out 7 reasons for starting your own business
Of the five countries that make up the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), according to Sebrae, it is Brazil that has the best conditions for entrepreneurship and offers the most encouraging figures. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor study, 71% of national projects originate from Opportunity and 28% from necessity. In other words, there are more people creating businesses for the pleasure of entrepreneurship than there are no options on the market.

Is that you? When will this idea come out of the drawer and start? Are you ready to generate your results and grow through your actions? Do you need a reason? So begin by looking at the 7 reasons to begin your own business:

1. Decide your fate

Despite all the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, particularly in Brazil, the control of their decisions is one of the strongest reasons for not giving up. In your own business, you decide how to behave, whether to experiment and take opportunities. Similarly, all the consequences of your choice are under your responsibility. Imagine having the freedom to think about completely innovative processes, products and services, without having a coach to stop your experiments, or boring short-term activities to offer?

2. Decide your routine

In your own business, you decide how you want to operate; how you want to dress up, what processes, what customer profiles you want to attend to … Choose where you want to work (at home, on the beach in the hotel in the corner of the cafe …), Without worry of a predetermined number of hours set by the CLT contract. You can organize your own routine in the most productive way and pizza!

3. Selection of partners and employees

When you say, you will have control over who will be the people who will be with you as partners, however, will decide who to hire staff. This reduces the chances of having unpleasant surprises such as conflicting values and engagement. We are more enthusiastic when working with people we love or identify with. By choosing partners and employees, you can form Partners and friends who will strive to achieve a common goal without help small accessories.

4. Learn constantly

In addition to the technical skills that you already have, when undertaking, you will need to look for knowledge in management, people management, etc. You will need to constantly study and update the market, as the competitiveness is great. This will make you a better content. In addition to technical development, market movement and competitiveness will naturally make you practice your creativity. You will strive to innovate-and you will be free to do it without any oppression to you. If you want to study, this is also a strong reason to start your own company. Learning never ends.

5. Use your creativity

Reduce creativity, break models and experiment with ideas “from the curve” will be in your hands. In your organization, you need to decide what you want to do to increase your business. You will be able to let the thoughts flow and surround yourself with people who will help you to glorify and prototype processes, products and services.

6. Contribute more to society

If you are a socially conscious, it is through your project, you will be able to make a greater contribution to the community. In addition to generating jobs, you can, for example, introduce and encourage the consumption of environmentally sustainable products. There are countless ways to do more for the community with an institution, such as providing free services to a charitable entity, hiring people who are usually excluded from the market – ex-convicts, transsexuals-etc. You can determine how you can help-this is rewarding.

7. You have more opportunities to thrive

All your efforts, experience and energy will be focused on your work. If you are tired of giving your best and having less financial recognition than you deserve, then do it! If your business is successful – and you will have a lot of motivations to improve it. increase the chances of financial prosperity significantly. The size of your results will depend on the size of your ambition and effort you will make to achieve your goals.

Ideas to start a business with little money
Starting your own business is getting easier with the help of the internet. For those who are looking to open their company, it is possible to find a world of options investing and on the internet. However, it is necessary to know how to determine the best way to invest your money according to your experience, and mainly, to your area of expertise. So, ideas to start a business with little money are welcome!

There are currently thousands of companies that can start with low initial value. Are you in the mood for entrepreneurship and have few resources to get started? Check out the tips and ideas that you have chosen to help you in this journey!

Digital marketing agency

Many local entrepreneurs do not have a strong digital presence in their sectors. This causes those who fail to take advantage of all the fruits that can generate business through the internet. The model of this business is quite simple: creating virtual addresses of local companies and companies, offering solutions such as creating and developing websites, good positioning in search engines, monitoring the social networks of the Enterprise, etc.

Creating your agency will require a little investment because your room or office can serve as the main base of the company. The main initial investment should be in self-training-the search for specialization in courses and workshops.

Digital projects coordinator

The internet is an excellent alternative to create a business with little money, especially if you already have professional experience in the area in which you are going to do. If you are familiar with the IT area, it is possible to work in the coordination part of your clients ‘ projects, management and consulting-via chat or Skype, for example. An ideal investment for those who already have experience and want to start a technology company.

To find customers in a practical way, the entrepreneur must – for better results-invest in marketing tools such as FaceAds and Google AdWords. With low investment, it is possible to get good results, but it is recommended to take a basic course on the tool that you will use to learn how to exploit its capabilities fully.

Virtual store consultant

The virtual store market is one of the most developed in the country. Who has experience in management can benefit greatly when investing in the region. The idea here is to create a consulting company to offer its customers and stores virtual solutions to them to achieve the best results.

The needs are enormous, especially if you focus on companies that have not yet established e-commerce, but keep in mind this idea as a way to expand your business. Your company will be able to act at that moment, offering your client all the necessary support regarding best practices, trends, tools and everything else. However, it is essential to have prior knowledge in the field of eCommerce, in the most used and managed platforms.